Hydration Health Products

Most store-bought sports drinks are packed full of electrolytes, but what they don’t mention is how they plan to deliver those electrolytes into your system.

Most use glucose, AKA sugar, to transport the electrolytes through your abdominal wall and into your bloodstream. Any energy boost you get comes with a heap of sugar, which means bloating and a sugar crash—no way for you to reach peak performance.

re:play uses a non-glucose amino acid in your body to carry the electrolytes into your bloodstream. No other product on the market can boast a 1:1 ratio of this amino acid molecule to electrolytes.

Every electrolyte is chauffeured by its own amino acid molecule right into your bloodstream to let your body absorb more water and stay active longer without the sluggish effects of sugar.

Hydration Health Products use a formula developed from 40 years of scientific research. With an isotonic delivery system, our products were designed to replace fluids in extreme situations where a medical IV isn't available.

This product has amazing benefits not only for athletes but for beekeepers too.

Beekeeping can be physically demanding and it can heat up quickly while wearing a bee suit in the summertime sun. It is important for beekeepers to stay hydrated while out in the field to avoid heat stroke.