Infusion Honey

Infusion honey is our creation for different natural flavors with raw honey.  This product can be exciting to experiment with your taste buds. I know we sure had fun here at SweetNes honey making cool honey infusions.
Try our sampler pack today and stay tuned for some new flavors and different sizes to come. Rose honey, habernero honey, chocolate honey, lemon honey, bourbon honey, coffee honey and many more to come

Lemon - Perfect with your favorite tea or drizzle on yogurt, homemade granola bars and cookies.

Rose - Add a sweet and floral touch to your tea, drizzle on salad, crackers and cheese dip. 

Cinnamon - Spread on toast, biscuits, pour on to oatmeal, use as a meat glaze.  

Chocolate - It's chocolate honey! Need we say more!? Drizzling on to ice cream is our favorite! 

Bourbon - Makes an awesome meat glaze, good in coffee, and of course still great on most any breads and pastries. (CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL)

Habernero - This honey has a sweetness with a nice spicy kick in the stinger! Also a perfect meat glaze if you like it HOT! Good on cornbread too!