Infusion Honey

Infused honey is also known as flavored honey.

It is a delicious concoction made using a wide range

of herbs and spices with our Raw Honey.

Lemon - Perfect with your favorite tea or drizzle on yogurt, homemade granola bars and cookies.
Rose - Add a sweet and floral touch to your tea, drizzle on salad, crackers and cheese dip. 
Cinnamon - Spread on toast, biscuits, pour on to oatmeal, use as a meat glaze.  
Chocolate - It's chocolate honey! Need we say more!? Drizzling on to ice cream is our favorite! 
Bourbon - Makes an awesome meat glaze, good in coffee, and of course still great on most any breads and pastries. (CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL)
Habernero - This honey has a sweetness with a nice spicy kick in the stinger! Also a perfect meat glaze if you like it HOT! Good on cornbread too! 

Intensely infused in the honey to give it a unique taste that enhances its mild flavor as well as enhance the health benefits of both the herbs and honey.