Creamed Honey Gift Pack (6 flavors)
Creamed Honey Gift Pack (6 flavors)

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Creamed Honey Gift Pack (6 flavors)

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Great as a gift or an excellent way to experience all 6 flavors of our creamed honey completed in our 1.5oz jars.  Your taste buds will be on for the 6 amazing honey flavors and endless possibilities of pairings.

-Use the Jalapeño for a glaze on your chicken, pork and salmon before you grill on the BBQ or in a pan
-Try the amazing Natural Creamed honey for your hot and cold tea, coffee and great on a biscuit
-Experience the Strawberry drizzled on vanilla ice cream or on your next peanut butter and strawberry honey sandwich
-Pecan and Cinnamon are true favorite for a piece of toast as a great snack
-Summer time fun with Peach and drizzling on ice cream and dunking raw pecans in for a tasty treat