Wooden Honey Dipper
Wooden Honey Dipper
Wooden Honey Dipper

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Wooden Honey Dipper

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This 6in. turned wood honey dipper allows for the perfect drizzle in your tea, or on toast, biscuits, ice cream, yogurt or anything else you want to drizzle your delicious honey on! 

Wooden honey dippers have health benefits as well since wood is naturally resistant to many types of bacteria.

How to use a Honey Dipper:

Honey dippers are to be kept in the honey, of course. Pull it out of the honey, hold it at a slightly tilted angle and twirl it to catch the honey that is dripping from it. Hold it over the cup, bowl or whatever sideways (parallel) and let the honey drip into or onto your cup or bowl. You do not use it to stir with, nor do you wash it. Although honey has strong antiseptic qualities, which is why they can be kept in the honey, the dipper should not be actually put into the tea. It should not touch anything but honey and air. Tea can go bad easily at room temperature which could result in pathogens growth.
Honey is viscous and does not accept shaking as an accelerator of getting it off the dipper; it has to drip–hence the name. A seasoned dipper will outperform their unseasoned counterparts. (See above for instructions on how to season your wooden dipper).

How To Season your Wooden Honey Dipper Before Use

A wooden honey dipper offers many benefits. Wooden dippers are sturdy enough to move and drizzle even the coldest and thickest honeys yet gentle enough to prevent scratching or chipping your finest tea cups. Wooden dippers have health benefits as well since wood is naturally resistant to many types of bacteria. Wooden dippers only require some basic maintenance to extend their life and performance.

  1. Clean your honey dipper before you season it.  Wash with a mild dish soap and warm water.  Allow to air- or towel-dry until they are almost dry but slightly damp.
  2. Lightly sand.  Use medium-grit sandpaper (between #80 and #60) to sand the dippers while they are still damp. This will smooth down the wooden grains that begin to appear when wood gets wet.
  3. Sanitize the honey dipper before you season it. Mix one part white vinegar to five parts warm water and soak the wooden dippers for several minutes. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry completely. It may take two to three days to completely dry.
  4. Measure two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil into a small saucepan. Measure 2 teaspoons of honey into the oil. Stir the oil over low heat just until the honey dissolves. Allow the oil to cool slightly.
  5. Coat the dippers with oil. Dip a paper towel into the oil mixture, coat them with oil and place on a baking sheet. Put the baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for two minutes. Remove the baking sheet and allow the dippers to cool completely before using them.

Rinse your seasoned dippers with warm water.  Do not use soap after seasoning.